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Online transactions from any reputable vendor are also protected by SSL certificates (to protect data in transit), firewalls, and regular systems scans. Furthermore, consumers are empowered to add extra security layers to online transactions.

You may have checked out as a guest. To claim an order you purchased as a guest:

  1. Open your email inbox.
  2. Locate the email receipt you received when you placed your order. This email is sent from
  3. Click the order number in the first line of your receipt.
  4. Follow the steps to sign in or create an LENX account.
  5. Your order is automatically connected to your new LENX account.

If you’re unsatisfied with an order, you may be able to return or exchange your order depending on the shop’s policies. To request a return, return label, or exchange, contact the shop.

For more information on returns and exchanges, please visit the Help Centre.

If your order is delivered but you haven’t actually received the item, there are a few things you can do.

  • Check with neighbours to see if the package was delivered to them accidentally.
  • Contact your local post office for help locating the package. Provide them with the tracking number, delivery service name, and your delivery address. You may have to reach out to the seller to get some of these details.
  • Ask the seller if they’ll assist you by opening a claim with the delivery service.

LENX is the global marketplace for unique and creative goods. It’s home to a universe of special, extraordinary items, we aim to bring the most innovative to you.

In a time of increasing automation, it’s our mission to keep human connection at the heart of commerce. 

The easiest way to review your order information is to log into your account. To check the status of your order, please see below:

Note: If you checked out as a guest you can track your order as well as start a return just by filling out the “Track My Order” form at the top of this webpage.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are experiencing delays with final delivery. Please allow an additional 2 business days from the time of your original estimated arrival date for final delivery.

If you signed in or created an account when you checked out:
  1. Sign in to your account by clicking the “My Account” link.
  2. After you are logged in, locate “Active Orders” on the left side navigation menu and click [View].
  3. Locate and click the order number you wish to review.
  4. The Order Status will be located under the Order Information Section.
If you checked out as a guest:
  1. Enter the following information into the “Track Order” box on the Account Login page of our site. Order Number Zip Code (billing address)
  2. Email Address
  3. The Order Status will be located under the Order Information Section.

If you choose to cancel an order that was purchased online that you have not yet received, please chat now to one of our helpful colleagues using our Webchat.

Help center

Looking for some quick answers? Interested in learning more about some features on our site? The Help Centre is the place for you!

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We have a team standing by to help you with any problem you may have.

Trust and safety team

Our Trust and Safety Team works continuously to ensure the safety of our marketplace and enforcement of our house rules.

Marketplace security

Our commitment to your privacy and security.

Account privacy

At LENX we care deeply about privacy. We believe in transparency, and we’re committed to being upfront about our privacy practices, including how we treat your personal information.


All credit card information sent to LENX is encrypted using Transport Layer Security technology (TLS) and tokenised with our credit card processors. LENX stores no sensitive credit card information.

Seller standars

LENX has a robust list of requirements each shop must meet to remain on our platform. This ensures that troublesome shops are removed and your buying experience stays protected.