Slide Workhorse 3D printer

Complete 3D solutions

Craftbot offers a range of printers fitting for first makers and spanning to industrialists and manufacturers with the largest professional plug n play 3D printer currently available in the marketplace.

Slide LARGEST PLUG & PLAY DUAL HEAD 3D PRINTER Duplicate your performance - print 2 object in mirror or parallel mode Source now

5 year warrantee

or 5000 hours

Complete 3D ecosystem

hardware, software, filament

Worldwide shipping

From warehouse stock

Slide Double your performance with mirror or parallel printing or use 2 different materials in the same time pva compatible Source now Slide Discover the plug&play technology with high-quality printing results Source now Slide Our Plug ’n’ Play 3D Printers are a good choice for both professionals and beginners. Source now Slide The compact workhorse with large build volume Source now Slide CraftBot FLOW IDEX is the best option for production optimization to create functional 3D printed parts with advanced materials. Source now
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