VEX IQ Small Class Bundle


Start your very own STEM Revolution, one classroom at a time

With students working in groups of 2, implement a 10, 20 or 30-student solution into your classroom with our VEX IQ Group Bundle, Small Classroom Bundle and Classroom Bundle kits! Consisting of 5, 10 & 15 VEX IQ Super Kits, each of our bundles are designed to meet your classroom and extracurricular requirements.

The Super Kit is the most complete introduction to VEX IQ. In just a few hours, your classroom could be crawling with robots drivable by wireless control, running autonomously using advanced sensors, or a combination of both. When you use 3” cubes to set up a simple game (included in each Bundle), it fuels a competitive atmosphere and engages students in the right way.

Educators can access the free VEX IQ Curriculum online to start lesson planning. Mapped to the UK national* curriculum, it can be adapted to fit students’ needs and abilities to create the best STEM foundation possible.


Program your VEX IQ robot with our free software options

Once your students’ robots are assembled, they can take their learning to the next level by programming their creations to complete tasks and operate autonomously! Learn more about how your students can enhance and develop crucial programming skills with our latest VEXcode IQ Blocks software, designed for simplicity using Scratch Blocks. VEXcode IQ Blocks is free to install on Chromebook, Windows, Mac and iOS. Android compatibility for VEXcode IQ Blocks, and VEXcode Text for IQ coming soon.


Compete in the VEX IQ Challenge

All our VEX IQ Super Kits contain everything you need to compete at regional events and at the spectacular VEX UK National Finals, which takes place each year. Learn more about how the VEX IQ Challenge can further enhance student development and how students can get involved.


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