Ozobot Evo Interactive Robot Crystal White

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  • Ozobot Evo Interactive Robot (Crystal White)
  • Comes with remote Control mode, crash detection, and expressive sound
  • Offers Color and Line Detection
  • Senses proximity
  • Is iOS and Android compatible
  • Ages: 8+

The Ozobot Evo Interactive Robot (Crystal White) lets you pull out the markers and unleash your inner Picasso. Use Evo’s universal color language to make the bot speed up, spin and more in response. That’s right—you’re controlling Evo with colors!

The Ozobot Evo includes OzoChat worldwide messaging (gated chat for ages >12) and features expressive sounds as well as LED lights. It is Bluetooth-enabled and lets you download characters and Content.

Ozobot Evo Interactive Robot (Crystal White) - Click to Enlarge

Build with Blocks. With OzoBlockly, drag and drop blocks of code to take full control of Evo’s features. You can even create custom Ozojis, to make your “OMG” different from everyone else’s.

Ozobot Evo Interactive Robot (Crystal White) - Click to Enlarge

Once you’ve mastered color codes and blocks, the rest is up to you. Create your own world and make an epic racetrack and challenge friends, or create an elaborate Ozobot cityscape. Visit ozobot.com anytime for fresh ideas and activities.


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