Alpha 1 Pro Humanoid Robot


  • Humanoid robot companion for entertainment and education
  • Performs yoga, dance moves, push-ups and headstands
  • Can be programmed with Blockly coding and controlled with an App
  • Features 16 movable joints throughout his body
  • Compatible with iOS, Android and PC

With its humanoid design, the Alpha 1 Pro Humanoid Robot will feel like a companion. It has 16 movable joints throughout its body. Alpha 1 Pro can move, dance and fight among countless other skills. These abilities are performed with servos that have a timing accuracy within 0.01s. They support 360° rotation, and can move with accuracy to 1° thereby, achieving more actions and functional scenarios.

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Workout Together

Alpha 1 Pro is more than a companion, it’s also a workout buddy. It can do yoga moves with you, and can also do work out exercises like push-ups and headstands. Turn it into a soccer player and kung fu master. Just open the phone app to control your Alpha 1 Pro.

Alpha 1 Pro Humanoid Robot- Click to Enlarge

Program actions

You can record actions in three easy steps. First make the robot stick out his left hand and record this action. Then, swing the left hand to the front and record this action. Finally, save the action then click play. You’ve just created a left hook action.

Alpha 1 Pro Humanoid Robot- Click to Enlarge

Code Sequences

It can be programmed with Blockly coding. Drag the existing code module in the app and adjust the parameters to program the robot’s actions. For beginners, Alpha 1 Pro offers a game that introduces various types of programming knowledge at each level. Users can master programming step-by-step in the context of a fun game.

Alpha 1 Pro Humanoid Robot- Click to Enlarge

Built to Last

Matte ABS plastic is used for Alpha 1 Pro’s body, which is environmentally friendly and smooth to the touch. This material provides a superior drop resistance, so you won’t need to worry if it accidentally falls to the ground.


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